Can I Change My Medicare Advantage Plan?

Joining, switching, or dropping your Medicare Advantage plan requires a qualifying enrollment period or a Special Enrollment Period. The three primary enrollment periods are: Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) - Upon first becoming eligible for Medicare, you're granted a 7-month timeframe to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan. This period encompasses the 3 months before, the month of, and the 3 months following your Part A and B effective date. Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) - Occurring annually from October 15th

What will happen when you call me?

Call Procedure: Confirmation of Medicare Parts A and B Effective Dates: Within the initial 3 minutes, we confirm your effective dates for Medicare Parts A and B to establish your eligibility for a Medicare Advantage plan. Unlike supplements, enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan necessitates active status in both Parts A and B. This step streamlines our procedure, facilitating a more efficient search for the optimal plan in your vicinity, all while respecting your

What if I am retired from the military?

First and foremost, our team of Senior Healthcare Advisors wishes to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your service. If you or your spouse have retired from military service and are below 65, TRICARE coverage is available to you and your family. Upon reaching 65, eligibility extends to Medicare and TRICARE for Life. Holding TRICARE for Life requires you to also sign up for Medicare Parts A and B. With enrollment in Medicare Parts A and B, you qualify to join a

What is extra help?

The Low-Income Subsidy, also known as Extra Help, is a program designed to assist Medicare beneficiaries with limited income in covering prescription drug costs. Extra Help aids in paying for premiums, deductibles, or coinsurance related to Medicare prescription drug coverage. Eligibility for this assistance is determined based on an individual's low-income status.   LEARN MORE 

Do I Get Free Meals With My Medicare Advantage Plan?

Many Medicare Advantage plans provide a $0 copay home-delivered meal service after an inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility stay. These home-delivered meals are freshly prepared and nutritionally balanced and are usually delivered in increments of 3 meals per day for 14 days. Some plans offer less, while some plans offer more. It all depends on the Medicare Advantage plans that are available in your area. Our responsibility at Senior Healthcare Advisors is to assist you in navigating the benefits

Will I lose my doctors if I get a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Doctors' affiliations with plan networks are subject to change without notice. Your physician might be an in-network provider under your plan now and opt out shortly thereafter, or vice versa. The decision to accept Medicare assignment and join a plan network (becoming in-network) is ultimately at a doctor's discretion. You're able to retain all your doctors as long as they are within your plan's network. At Senior Healthcare Advisors, our commitment to a meticulous and compliant Medicare Advantage enrollment process involves

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