The Medicare Giveback refers to your Medicare Part B monthly premium. The more traditional way in which to have this monthly premium paid for you is to learn how to qualify for Medicaid or Low Income Subsidy (Extra Help). Medicaid qualifications vary by state and are determined by your income level. Your monthly Part B premium may be paid on your behalf depending on the level of Medicaid and Extra Help that you receive.

The Medicare Part B “Giveback” also refers to having a Part B premium reduction. This reduction is offered through some Medicare Advantage plans and the availability of these plans varies by the specific area where you reside. When you speak with any of our licensed and experienced agents, you will have the option of requesting a verification of the availability of these plans in your area. In our experience here at Senior Healthcare Advisors, we have seen Part B givebacks in amounts as high as $125 every month. When you speak with us, we will prioritize verifying whether one of these select Medicare Advantage plans is offered in your area.