First and foremost, our team of Senior Healthcare Advisors wishes to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your service.

If you or your spouse have retired from military service and are below 65, TRICARE coverage is available to you and your family. Upon reaching 65, eligibility extends to Medicare and TRICARE for Life. Holding TRICARE for Life requires you to also sign up for Medicare Parts A and B. With enrollment in Medicare Parts A and B, you qualify to join a Medicare Advantage plan, granting you access to an array of additional benefits contingent on your residential area. Opting for a Medicare Advantage plan allows your TRICARE for Life to synchronize benefits with your chosen plan. In this arrangement, Medicare takes precedence in settling payments for services covered under Medicare, while TRICARE for Life handles your Medicare deductibles and coinsurance, plus any services covered by TRICARE for Life but not by Medicare. More on TRICARE FOR LIFE 

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