With the coming of war and changes in government, loyalists in Delaware moved beyond letter-writing and verbal comment. 11. RG 1325.147 State Reports Collection, Proceedings of the Convention of the Delaware State, 1776 (reprinted 1927). 21. RG 1325.036 Photographs, General CollectionHistorical Scenes, 1. Joseph Reed wrote Dickinson, concerned over an error in Dickinsons Vindication. Charlottesville: Published for the Friends of the John Dickinson Plantation by the University Press of Virginia, 1983. Personal Income Tax Personal Recollections of Captain Enoch Anderson, An Officer of the Delaware Regiments in the Revolutionary War. Although the conditions in Wilmington were better than at Valley Forge, Anderson "had the skin taken of his hands by the Frost." . 1965). With Haslets death, Colonel David Hall was given command. Public Meetings Photostats include accounts of loyalist activities, military appointments, and a proclamation of a day of thanksgiving. Despite measures to control currency depreciation, the national extent of the problem did not allow for easy solutions. 1777 (11). (15), An important state responsibility during and after the war was establishing pensions for veterans. At the battle of Cowpens, 17 January 1781, Kirkwoods men and their comrades played a crucial role in the American victory. Dover: Public Archives Commission of Delaware, 1926. . . Battles; Campaigns; Leaders; Facts; Documents. 1. de Valinger, Leon Jr. Map of Dover, Delaware in Revolutionary Times. 1775, 1936. Princeton: Princeton University Press for the American Philosophical Society, 1951. 2, Lancaster, Pa.: Lancaster Press, 1928. As years passed family members and relatives also became eligible for a pension. Washington, D.C.: Office of Publications, National Park Service, 1975. 198th Signal Battalion(First Delaware) Authorized 9 September 1775 in the Continental Army as the Delaware Regiment (also known as Haslet's Regiment) Organized 13 January 1776 to consist of the following companies under the command of Colonel John Haslet: Captain Joseph Stidham's Company - New Castle County. 1674-1851. (3), On 15 June 1776 the Assembly separated the Lower Counties from the British government and essentially from Pennsylvania as well. 8. Many of these letters relating to the Revolution may also be found in George Herbert Rydens The Letters of Caesar Rodney, 1756-1784 (see bibliography section). An Account of the First Naval Battle of the Revolutionary War. (New Bedford Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, n.d.). Road from Coochs Bridge to Elk Court House . There are appointments and commissions of officers and soldiers of the army, marching orders, and supply requests. Boulder: Colorado Associated University Press, 1978. 26. Few regiments in the Continental Army have been given such attention as that of the 14th Continental Regiment, a short-lived band of brothers that history remembered for their grizzled, hard-nosed ruggedness and willingness to assist in some of the war's earliest, most dire moments. Position of the Army at Brandewyne. 1777 (10). Munroe, John A. Dickinsons correspondence from 1779 includes letters from colleagues, commentary on current events, and letters from Caesar Rodney regarding war-related matters. Topics of correspondence from 1776 includes the appointment of generals, the purchase of arms, Dickinsons reservations regarding the Declaration of Independence, and Dickinsons service with his troops in New Jersey. Jones, Elias. Royal Raiders: The Tories of the American Revolution. []. . of the Government, Votes and Proceedings of the House of Assembly, Votes and Proceedings of the Council of the Delaware State, Proceedings of the Convention of the Delaware State, Delaware Public Archives Motion Picture Collection, Delaware American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Department of Public Instruction Motion Picture Collection, First settled in 1638, controlled in succession by the Swedes, Dutch, and finally the English, Delaware was a thriving colony in the years before the American Revolution. 1. #48: Delaware constitutional convention, 27 August-21 September 1776, 5. Photostat. [Area of Chester County in Pennsylvania, including Valley Forge and a Continental powder mill], n.d. 12. Burnham, Smith. (Wikimedia) Cooch, Eleanor B. Delaware Signers of the Oath of Allegiance. Citizens were required to take an oath of allegiance or declaration of fidelity to the new nation or the Delaware State and abandon all loyalty to the King of Great Britain. 9. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1935. . Londahl-Smidt, Donald M. Notes Concerning the Uniform of the Delaware Battalion. Military Collector & Historian XIX, no. 11. Certificates of military service, 1784, 36. Wayne, 1806). The Delaware Blues, as the regiment was sometimes known, some 750 soldiers, took part in the campaign for New York in the summer of 1776. Hancock, Harold B. Whiteley, William G. The Revolutionary Soldiers of Delaware. Skinner, Mrs. G.S. Dover: Henlopen Publishing Company, 1970. ca. Documents; Records; Time-Line; Regiments. Andr, the British officer engaged in negotiations with Benedict Arnold, had been captured by American militiamen and hung as a spy. Photostat. Commission issued by the Vice Admiralty Court, Bermuda, against American shipping, to Robert Burton, 1782, 6. Revolutionary War Pension . The colony refused to use stamps, held protest meetings, sent delegates to the Stamp Act Congress, and boycotted British goods. . A Chart of the Delaware Bay and River. (Philadelphia, London, 1776). Photostat. Brown, Wallace. Volume II: Military and Naval (1777-ca. Regulations for American troops (2 military manuals), 1775-1782, 5. Letters to Caesar Rodney (transcripts), 1776, 6. Significant Campaigns and Battles 1858. Peden, Henry C., Jr. Bond for Thomas Almond and Isaac Tussey, 1778, 6. Hundreds of New Castle County (transcripts from American Archives), 1775, 2. They first saw combat on 27 August, in the Battle of Long Island. Delaware Line. Captain Allen McLanes company of dragoons recruited in Delaware, and gained a id for themselves, whether on horseback or as infantry. Commission issued by the Vice Admiralty Court, Bermuda, against French shipping, to Robert Burton, 1782. (6), In June 1776, Congress ordered that a flying camp be established in the middle colonies to protect the middle and southern colonies from attack. 1775-1782. The rolls include an index to names of pensioners, including death dates when known, and an index to correspondence between pensioners and government officials. Map of the Original Thirteen Colonies (S. Augustus Mitchell, 1876). . . Coochs Bridge, Del. . Maneuvering for a Battleground (parts I & II). Valley Forge Historical Society. Monmouth Beach, N.J.: Philip Freneau Press, 1972. To the Delaware Pilots, copy. Contains references to the Revolution, and poetic and prose descriptions of events at Trenton and Princeton in 1776-1777. The American Heritage Book of the American Revolution. Cappon, Lester J. Atlas of American History: The Revolutionary Era, 1760-1790. 15. New Castle Countys Committee of Inspection, the first organized in Delaware, vigorously pursued such dissent. In July 1775, the Sussex County Committee of Inspection suspected Thomas Robinson of expressing Tory sympathies. Route of the British in 1776 . On 31 December, the end of the enlistment term, only six men, officers included, remained. 1778. Link To This Page Contact Us Battle of Cowpens, Conflict between Cols. of every person placed on the pension list . Maryland Revolutionary Records. 6. RG 1105.001 Proceedings of the Privy Council, 1778-1792. The Story of Caesar Rodney and His Immortal Ride. 1915 painting by Stanley Arthurs. N.p. Confronted by Whig militia on at least three different occasions, the loyalists eventually dispersed. Maryland Records: Colonial, Revolutionary, Colonial and Church, from Original Sources, Vol. Organized in January, 1776 by Colonel John Haslet, the Delaware Regiment was noteworthy from the start as the best uniformed and equipped regiment of the Continental Army. Typescript copies of correspondence transcribed from Peter Forces American Archives series and the Papers of the Continental Congress may also be found. Coleman, John M. Thomas McKean: Forgotten Leader of the American Revolution. Relations Between the Continental Congress and the Delaware Legislature 1776-1789. Typescript, 1941. Colonel John Haslet to General Rodney (transcript), 1776, 7. Lt. Knight of His Majestys Navy. Delaware Troops Leaving the Green. (1), The Stamp Act was repealed in 1766, and the Townshend Acts in 1770, except for the tax on tea. . Philadelphia: For the Subscribers, 1848. Matters of business include Delawares separation from the British Crown and a call for a constitutional convention, an order for the arrest of Thomas Robinson, the making of a new state seal, provisions for the defense of the state, calls for days of fasting or thanksgiving, raising and payment of troops, punishments for treason, appointment of delegates to the Continental Congress, legislation against impressment, the Declaration of Independence, a report on the disaffection of Sussex County residents, money for the clothing of troops, currency issues, rations for the families of soldiers, the state schooner Delaware, the procurement of arms, Frances place in peace negotiations, adjustment of depreciation scales, relief for the widows and children of Delaware troops, and a tombstone for Colonel John Haslets gravesite. [Campaigns of 1776 and 1777]. The Kings Friends: The Composition and Motives of the American Loyalist Claimants. Lt. Hunter of His Majestys Navy. Wilmington : Historical Society of Delaware, 1896. Joshua Fisher. Caesar Rodney letters (photostat), 1776, 15. Ash, Mollie Howard, comp. Related Topics:American Revolution, Delaware History, Early Delaware History, Revolutionary War, Revolutionary War Guide, Sons of the American Revolution, Delaware's Governor Pension Rolls and Correspondence (1790-1846). . Elected Officials Business First Steps, Phone Directory At Long Island, the 1st Delaware Regiment (pictured here) fought alongside the Marylanders on the American right flank. N.p., 1927. Once upon a Time in Delaware. Lists of Delinquents from the Various Militia Companies. Minutes and other papers (American Archives transcripts, photostats), 1775-1776, 2. Caesar Rodneys Ride: Wilmington, Chester, Marcus Hook and Penns Landing, (reel 2) helical scan videotape, ca. Washingtons Army in Delaware in the Summer of 1777 (address by John P. Neilds). . Johnson, Amandus. The Delaware Blues also continued their service. Smith, Charles Page. (5) Throughout the war, bands of armed loyalists organized on several occasions, only to be dispersed by the militia or Continental troops. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1981. Transparency . Biographical Sketches of the Generals of the Continental Army of the Revolution. Loyalists were active along the Delaware, and the need for a schooner for protection against Loyalist forays is raised in Dickinsons correspondence. Bellas, Henry Hobart, ed. Transcripts of correspondence between the first President of Delaware State and his wife. Daniel Ferguson: Revolutionary Soldier. Typescript, 1942. List of invalid pensioners (photostat), 1790-1791, 10. . 1777-1780 Georgia Line. Some Letters of and Concerning Major William Peery. Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Henry Neill, the regiment served in northern New Jersey and along the Hudson River, serving as a garrison at Dobbs Ferry on the Hudson. Petitions, accounts and resolutions may be found, as well as communications and correspondence from the President and the Vice President of the Assembly and state officials. The cards in this database list names, sometimes rank, and a volume and page reference to the source volume. Facsimile reproduction. Gilpin, Thomas, ed. Encampment of the Army on Landing the 26th Aug. 1777. 1777 (4). In 1774, Rodney, McKean, and Read were selected by the Assembly to represent Delaware at the Continental Congress. The flag is a Delaware militia flag that's in the Delaware Historical Society's collection. John Booker, Virginia troops (Buckner Regiment), 1776, 10. 1. Personal Recollections of Captain Enoch Anderson . On Saturday, June 1, at 10:30 a.m. historian Charles (Chuck) Fithian will present a program at the Delaware Public Archives about this legendary military unit. Committees to ensure compliance with boycott agreements were also formed. (9), More men was not long in coming. The Continental Powder Mill on French Creek . More Lee correspondence from 1780 is on file, as is correspondence with Caesar and Thomas Rodney. Hancock, Harold B. Privacy Policy and Daniel Jester, 1832, 69. 9. On Pale Rider! Caesar Rodney, George Read, and Thomas McKean: The Delaware Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Typescript, 1970. (1943). Plan du Camp . [A Map Showing the Wilmington and Philadelphia Area]. Dickinson was a member of Congress, a militia colonel, and President of Delaware and of Pennsylvania during the Revolution. Colonel Samuel Pattersons Battalion, flying camp. 1. . Before the Revolution: Yankee Doodle Comes to Delaware. . Subjects of legislation include money bills, acts pertaining to the militia, punishment of treason, raising troops, punishment for desertion, the export of provisions overseas, pardon for those swearing allegiance to the state, the quartering of soldiers, ratification and amending of the Articles of Confederation, recovery of public debts, prevention of fraud within the quartermaster and commissary departments, suspending the use of Continental bills of credit as legal tender, protection of trade on the Delaware river and bay, and determining depreciation of pay. Motor Travel, May 1925, June 1925. Also included are various types of correspondence, records of British fleet and troop movements in Delaware and the Delaware Bay, and pay rolls for officers and men in the Continental Army. New Castle County meeting (transcripts from American Archives), 1774, 2. Wagon Brigade under Direction of Colonel Francis Wade, Regiment returns, pay rolls, account of discharges. The American Historical Scene. As the morning progressed, the enemy began to encircle the Americans. The Nehemiah Tilton papers folder contains photostats of two letters from 1782 dealing with current events and Delaware politics. (Valley Forge Historical Society, 1949). [Congressional Bills 118th Congress] [From the U.S. Government Publishing Office] [H.R. Morris, Irving. Serving under Light Horse Harry Lee, McLane and his men participated in the bayonet charge at Paulus Hook on 19 August 1779. Another volume, also not published, Pension Rolls and Correspondence, contains information on pension applicants. The Delaware Public Archives has original military records of the colonial wars, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, militia records for 1765 to 1841, Mexican Border dispute, some Adjutant General Civil War files, Spanish-American War, National Guard Card File, World War I, and World War II records. Dickens, Charles W., ed. Report of Capt. Fiore, Jordan D. Days of History: 200 Years Ago, Revolutionary Era. A casualty return from the battle at Eutaw Springs, September 1781 may be found, as well as a transcript of correspondence between General Henry Clinton and General Benjamin Lincoln before Lincolns surrender of Charleston in 1780. (Delaware Society of the Sons of the Revolution, 1943). Original, photostat. Hamilton, Edward P. The Champlain Valley in the American Revolution. Haslets Regiment (Delaware Blues), illustrations, 1776-1783, 12. Ford, Paul Leicester, ed. Descriptive information for maps may be found in the Maps card catalog. On 19 October Cornwallis surrendered. Colonels Colonel William Thompson, Colonel Edward Hand, Colonel James Chambers Companies The Delaware Colony. Subjects include the Dover Light Infantry, time capsule placed in Willingtown Square, Rodneys Ride, Delaware Trust commissioned paintings, Separation Day celebration, the Old State House, and various local celebrations. 25. David Finney papers, re: Loyalists, 1777-1778, 7. Record of receipts and disbursements made by the State. The compensation of soldiers was a concern due to the collapse of the currency system. Washington, D.C.: American Revolution Bicentennial Office, 1975. As the imperial crisis continued, the Whig opposition to Parliaments policies pushed forward in the colonies. Cambridge, Mass. R-53: Letters of Dr. John McKinly, 1773-1778. 8. Coughlan, Margaret N. Creating Independence, 1763-1789: Background Reading for Children. A Compleat Plan of Part of the Province of Pennsylvania East and West Jersey 1778. More commonly known as a day book, the waste book contains initial recordings of daily receipts and disbursements. 5. Liberty and Independence: The Delaware State during the Revolution. R-36: John C. Powell, John Dickinson, Penman of the Revolution (Ph.D. thesis, University of Iowa, 1938). Atlas of the American Revolution. Caesar Rodneys Ride: John Dickinson, Dover, Smyrna, Odessa and New Castle, (reel 1) helical scan videotape, ca. . Several newspaper articles dealing with Delawares role in the American Revolution may be found in the American Revolution and Bicentennial folders. . On December 5, 2018, the State of Delaware announced that it had acquired the historic property at Cooch's Bridge, site of the only Revolutionary War battle to take place in the First State. 1778. Correspondence re: Dover Light Infantry (photostat), 1776, 5. . 0:22 In his memoirs, Enoch Anderson, a freshly minted lieutenant in the First Delaware Regiment, described his rude introduction to Gen. John Dagworthy, a no-nonsense veteran of decades of. State Regulations This was especially true in lower Delaware where the areas isolation and conservatism, the influence of the Anglican Church, and the presence of British ships offshore kept many loyal to the Crown. Photostat. Depreciation of pay, certificates for Delaware members of Lees Legion, certificates for pay and subsistence, affidavits and petitions, information on Captain Peter Jaquett, miscellaneous items. 10. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1956. The regiment was under the command of Colonel John Haslet, killed at the Battle of Princeton, and then under Colonel David Hall. Original. During one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the Revolutionary War, the actions of these brave soldiers would earn them the venerated name of the Maryland 400. These books include rosters, muster rolls, histories, diaries, and other documents listing Pennsylvanian troops. Lists of pensioners detail the name, rank, amount of pension, and residence of the pensioner. a Wilmingtown. 1777. 16. Another folder of photostats contains correspondence of government and military officials to Rodney in his role as militia general and as President of Delaware State, a letter regarding the recovery of some public records taken during the British occupation of Wilmington, letters of Rodney to the president of Congress, and correspondence of Caesar and Thomas Rodney. Correspondence from 1783 can be found in Box 3 of the Dickinson papers. Charging at four in the morning, the Americans won without firing a shot. 31. August 25 - British troops landed at Elkton Maryland, and marched into Delaware. E-mail / Text Alerts . The George Washington Atlas. In the booklet dated from 1784 to 1792, the correspondence originates in Dover and concerns, among other things, the settling of the accounts of the General Assembly for the Revolutionary War. General Howes proclamation (transcript), 1777, 17. 1. #223: Broad Creek meeting of 20 June 1775 to support new union among the colonies, 11. An index to the journal and order book found among the Kirkwood papers. Samuel Patterson to Caesar Rodney (transcript), 1776, 13. Resolution of separation from Great Britain (American Archives transcript), 1776, Revolutionary War Records, Loyalist Records, 1775-1783 (10 folders), 2. 1. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1976. Haslets men defended Chattertons Hill, retreating only as the American forces did. Wilmington: Delaware Society of the Sons of the Revolution, 1941. The Sovereign States, 1775-1783. The Delaware States Privy Council, created by the 1776 Constitution, worked with the President. 16mm motion picture, VHS. Philadelphia: L. J. Richards & Company, 1888. . The enlistment, provisioning, clothing, and payment of troops proved a constant concern. Top Consequences of the Battle . The second folder includes letters from correspondents such as General Light-Horse Harry Lee and George Washington, returns of Lees partisan corps, to which McLane was attached for a time, troop returns, and pay rolls from this period. [Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay (Clinton map #259)]. The microfilm version of the Senate Journals, RG 1120.0, contains the Minutes of the Council of the Delaware State from 1776 to 1792, published in 1886. National Archives and Records Administration Category: Revolutionary War, 1775 to 1783 Life of the Honorable Thomas McKean L. L. D. Lancaster, Pa.: Inquirer Printing Company, 1890. (Charing Cross: William Faden, 1784). Dr. James Tilton was a physician and patriot who served with Haslets regiment and then as a surgeon to the Continental Army. Arthurs, Stanley. Biographical Sketches of the Loyalists of the American Revolution, with an Historical Essay. Other topics of correspondence included the return home of Pennsylvania troops, business of the Pennsylvania government, and the signing of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the war. RG 9026.001 Prints and EngravingsRevolutionary War. London: Crowell-Collier Press, 1970. Neilds, John P. Washingtons Army in Delaware in the Summer of 1777. . 3. Gen. William Smallwood. 10. (London, 1777). . 2. This was true in Delaware as well. New York: The Outlook Company, 1903. Philadelphia: J. Crissy, 1839. Sellers, John R., et al., comps. Heitman, Francis Barnard. A Brief Sketch of Captain Joseph Davis and Lieutenant William Jones of the Pennsylvania Line. 6. Miers, Earl Schenck. VHS, 19 minutes. In this arrangement, similar to that of other new states, the legislative branch was more powerful; as well as choosing the executive, it also nominated justices of the peace.(4). 18. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1864. These records have been published in two volumes edited by Claudia Bushman, Harold B. Hancock, and Elizabeth Moyne Homsey (see bibliography section). Inquiry re: George Williams veteran status, 1830, Revolutionary War Records, Council of Safety, 1775-1776 (4 folders), 1. The Dr. . A Topical History of Delaware. (Yorktown Sesquicentennial Association, Inc., 1931). San Rafael, Ca. Ryden, George H. Delaware Troops in the Revolution. Martin, Lawrence. United States Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783 FamilySearch RecordsImagesFamily TreeGenealogiesCatalogBooksWiki Cite This Collection "United States Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783." Database with images. They often show the unit the veteran served in, when they served and may list battles in which a veteran fought. In September 1781, after the battle of Eutaw Springs, British general Cornwallis retreated to Yorktown, where Washington and his French allies besieged the British forces. Photostat. Meeting minutes include original manuscripts and printed documents, photostats, and typed transcripts. Camp Near Carsons Tavern; The 2nd of Sept. 1777. 1777 (6). Kent County, (transcripts, photostats, originals), 1776, 4. Letter from John McKinly for gunpowder (photostat), 1775, 4. St. Michaels, Md. 2 (1950). Benjamin Gibbs re: army expenses, 1784, 32. Among Captain Robert Kirkwoods papers are photostats of his journal from 1777-1784. B. Lippincott and Co., 1870. Matters were not helped by inflation. 13. ex display range cookers; somerset county, pa magistrate reports; market segmentation disadvantages; saroj khan daughter death; two in the thoughts one in the prayers meme Passages from the Remembrancer of Christopher Marshall. Ground Chosen and Entrenched by Washington to Fight Howes Army. (Price & Price, 1777). 9. 6. The 1st Delaware Regiment was raised on December 9, 1775 for service with the continental army under the command of Colonel John Haslet. 2. The government it formed consisted of a bicameral legislature, consisting of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly, with a president and four-man Privy Council, both selected by the legislature, serving as the executive. The 1st Canadian Regiment, an Extra Continental regiment, was raised by James Livingston to support Colonial efforts in the American Revolutionary War during the invasion of Quebec. Thomas McKean: The Shaping of an American Republicanism. Pay roll of invalid corps, commanded by James McLane, 1784-1785, 19. FamilySearch. Orderly book of Caleb Prew Bennett at the Battle of Yorktown, 1781. Offprint from Delaware History IV, no. Committees of Correspondence throughout the colonies strengthened opposition to British policies embodied in measures like the Intolerable Acts, passed in the aftermath of the Tea Party.(2). Commissioners Report on Haslets and Pattersons battalions, 1776, 10. Military fines collected in Bucks County, 1780, 16. 1. Bevans, Wilson Lloyd, and E. Melvin Williams, eds. Livingston recruited men from Chambly, Quebec as early as September 1775 . Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1963. In Buff and Blue: Being Certain Portions From the Diary of Richard Hilton. Declaration of Independence, facsimile. #15: Revolutionary activities and Coochs Bridge, by M. Dunn, 3. Officer rosters, regiment returns, pay rolls, muster rolls, casualty reports, list of officers and men to be struck from muster rolls, reports to the President of Delaware State, lists of prisoners of war, list of discharges, inspection reports, passes. how many school days till may 28 2021,

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