", "Ryan Kavanaugh, Former Business Partner Resolve Legal Drama Over Entertainment Stock Exchange", "Former Hollywood exec Ryan Kavanaugh eyes China for film production", "Ryan Kavanaugh Unveils $100 Million Investment in Crypto-Based Proxicoin to Fund Film Projects (Exclusive)", "Ryan Kavanaugh Wants to Move on From Relativity: 'That Guy Was Kind of an Ahole', "Ryan Kavanaugh Accused by Ex-Partner of Running a Ponzi Scheme", "Dueling Lawsuits Filed Over a Stock Exchange for Hollywood Movies", "Trump, Triller, and the return of Ryan Kavanaugh", "Combat sports-Triad Combat seeks to bridge gap between boxing and MMA", "Triller aimed to be the next TikTok. ", "UPDATE: Elliott Claims Only "Single Digit" Investment Left In Relativity After Takes Back Kavanaugh's Film Fund With Universal", "Ryan Kavanaugh's 9 Lives: $200M Loan From Ron Burkle Saves 'Immortals' (Exclusive)", "Relativity Gets 10-Day Extension As Lenders Take More Control", "Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media Finally Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy", "Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh Threatens Netflix Over 'Sleeze Move' (Exclusive)", "Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh Gets Lender's $110M Fraud Lawsuit Dismissed", "Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh, Film Financier Duke It Out In New Lawsuits", "Ryan Kavanaugh Beats $110M Film Finance Fraud Suit", "Relativity Media & Ryan Kavanaugh: A Walk Down Memory Lane Of Hype", "Ex-Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh Paid Himself $2.6 Million as Company Struggled", "Ryan Kavanaugh Steps Back at Relativity Media, Dana Brunetti Exits as President", "Relativity Media Files for Chapter 11 Again After Racking Up $500 Million-Plus Debt in 2 Years", "Ryan Kavanaugh Might Have Been Paid $2.6M As Relativity Circled Drain With Books & Records In "Disarray", "He's Baaaack! The 28-page report was released by the Republican senator Chuck Grassley, the then chair of the Senate judiciary committee. During his testimony about Fords allegations, Kavanaugh said that his 10-year-old daughter suggested they pray for Ford. Guardian US - A 2018 Senate investigation that found there was "no evidence" to substantiate any of the claims of sexual assault against the US supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh contained serious omissions, according to new information obtained by the Guardian. The citys minority populations were particularly hard hit. Worse for Kavanaugh, the criticism of his credibility is bipartisan. Instead, Smith said it was a fellow classmate named Jack Maxey, who was a member of Kavanaughs fraternity, who allegedly had a reputation for exposing himself, and had once done so at a party. Investigators documents from that time, now at the National Archives, show Kavanaugh sought evidence that Clinton aide Vince Foster was murdered pandering to conspiracists on the right years after he told colleagues that he believed Foster had committed suicide, just as prior investigations had concluded. A survey by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) shows public support for the monarchy has fallen to a historic low. Remember the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings? In the latest blow, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a fellow Republican whose vote was decisive when the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh four years ago, has doubled-down on her contention that he misled her when he reassured her that, if confirmed, he would not support overturning the courts half-century-old abortion rights precedent, Roe vs. Wade. Greg Abbotts mind on guns? He said hed occasionally been on campusbut hadnt attended any freshman parties. A staff member said that it will be awhile before they know, and Hawkins told her the money would be here when theyre ready to decide how to handle it, which I assume will be after the vote., Brett Kavanaughs Family & Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. [86][87] Kavanaugh served as chairman of the board of The Art of Elysium from 2009 until 2015. The Republican Party loves itself a good homophobe. Kavanaugh was born to a Jewish family[2][3] in Los Angeles, California, where he was raised in the Brentwood neighborhood[4] and attended Brentwood High School. [13][19] In addition to fees, Kavanaugh also insisted on being credited as an executive producer in each film. Still, the thing that probably struck people as the most memorable, because it was the most disturbing, was the fact that much of the proceedings centered around the credible accusations of sexual misconduct that had been lodged against the would-be justice, most notably by Christine Blasey Ford, who testified that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted and tried to rape her when they were in high school. The council soon dismissed them as moot: While the allegations were serious, the council said, justices arent subject to judicial ethics rules. the organization trying to get the guy confirmed to the Court. [78][7][79] While on probation for his earlier DUI arrest, Kavanaugh was arrested for speeding and drunk driving with a suspended license in 2008. The 28-page report was released by the ), Whats curious, though, is that Smiths fig leaf wasnt stripped away until now. [77], In 2006, Kavanaugh was arrested after being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and being involved in a hit-and-run. The states governor, Laura Kelly, had blocked the bill, suggesting it was discriminatory and would hurt the states ability to attract businesses. [7] Kavanaugh's uncle connected the family with producer Jon Peters. They have two daughters, Margaret and Liza. Or, if you prefer a test drive, you can, Even more 'serious omissions' uncovered in Grassley's 2018 report on Kavanaugh, defense ofa privileged white dudes inalienable right to a Supreme Court seat, coax random plebs into sending Grandmas insulin money to a self-proclaimed multibillionaire whod just been indicted for business fraud, Rehashing the FBIs sham Kavanaugh 'investigation' is a net plus for Democrats, Ted Cruz was just caught on tape plottingto overturn a free and fair election, Sen. Whitehouse says allegations against Kavanaugh were swept under the rug by FBI. Prior to the investigation, Kavanaugh had declined to support sheriff Lee Baca's bid for reelection, whose department launched the investigation. She was also the personal assistant for the Bush-Cheney Presidential Campaign from 1996 to 2000. And that helps explain how liars end up on the nations highest court, for life, to determine how the rest of us live our lives. The page was started by John Hawkins on September 24. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. What do the omissions mean? RELATED STORY: Sen. Whitehouse says allegations against Kavanaugh were 'swept under the rug' by FBI Of course, because this is a story about a couple of irretrievably callow shitheels, it . Kavanaugh also denied any complicity in a Senate scandal Memogate involving a Republican aide whod surreptitiously copied thousands of Democrats emails from 2001 through 2003 and shared them with Bush advisors. [66] As of 2020, Kavanaugh had been a regular donor to the Republican Party. [21] In 2010, Kavanaugh raised investor funds for Relativity Media to launch its own studio,[19] producing movies vetted by Kavanaugh's algorithm. But some creators complain of missed or delayed payments", "Ryan Kavanaugh denied producing credit on, "Ryan Kavanaugh Weds Britta Lazenga in Capri (Video)", "Inside Hollywood Mogul Ryan Kavanaugh's Star-Studded Wedding to Model Jessica Roffey", "Hollywood's Hottest $150 Million Project Is an 83-Year-Old Synagogue", "Bye-Bye, Billionaire: Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media Files For Bankruptcy", "Californians Now Willing to Admit Why They Are Leaving", "With Fan at the Helm, Marvel Safely Steers Its Heroes to the Screen", "Living Large With Leo and Bradley: How Ryan Kavanaugh Enjoyed the Perks of Relativity's Rise", "Copter fight kicks up dust in W. Hollywood", "Harvey Weinstein Extortion Case Expands to Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh (Exclusive)", "Harvey Weinstein & Ryan Kavanaugh Extortionist Gets 7 Years In Prison", "Harvey Weinstein extortionist sentenced to seven years", "Natalie Portman Sounds Off on Israel, Netanyahu, French Anti-Semitism and the "False Idol" of Oscar", "Sony hacking: Natalie Portman reluctantly embroiled in lengthy email exchange about anti-Semitism and Gaza", "Financier in Hollywood Strikes Deal in D.W.I. (On the last one, Kavanaugh replied to the Republican aide within minutes, giving him rebuttal talking points for GOP senators.). [56] After 47 years of living in Los Angeles, California, Kavanaugh expressed his intention to move both his residence and business to Florida due to LA's progressive governance, rising crime and homelessness, and California's perceived anti-business policies. [27], In November 2011, when Relativity Media was short on funds, investor Ron Burkle arranged a series of loans to Kavanaugh's company in exchange for interest. Its jarring to write that about anyone, let alone a life-tenured justice on the Supreme Court. He co-founded and served as CEO of Relativity Media, where he brokered deals between Wall Street investors and major film studios. Now supporters have put together a GoFundMe to support his family. In 2007, Kavanaugh presented Habitat for Humanity with an oversized check pledging $1 million and announced he would become a fund-raising chair for the charity. A Planned Parenthood in Utah, Salt Lake City. ", "Sheriff Dept. He was nominated by President Donald Trump on July 9, 2018, and has served since October 6, 2018. Brett Kavanaugh was born on February 12, 1965 in Washington, D.C., but he was raised in Bethesda, Maryland. The home is a two-story house built originally in 1922. Ryan Grim Akela Lacy Ryan Grim , Akela Lacy [45][46] A Los Angeles arbitration judge awarded Fields $8.4 million in damages and found that Kavanaugh "must be" one of the people who forged the sexual harassment memo. Workers move blocks of ice into a storage unit at a market during heatwave conditions in Bangkok. Kavanaugh presented implausible valuations and "adjusted" EBITDA numbers to investors, which included projections based on films the company had already relinquished to Elliott Management. [58] As of October 2022, Proxima Media no longer owned a controlling share in Triller, and Kavanaugh was no longer a board member. After all, Maxey was clearly in high school at the time Kavanaugh was supposedly mistaken for him. Kavanaugh was placed on three years of probation, ordered to pay a fine and take counseling and alcohol education programs. 's Claim Against Ryan Kavanaugh Is 'Politically Motivated,' Says Studio", "Ryan Kavanaugh Cleared in Chris Dorner Manhunt Investigation (Exclusive)", "How Ryan Kavanaugh Failed to Deliver $1 Million to Charity", "Ryan Kavanaugh to Be Honored By the Anti-Defamation League", "Ryan Kavanaugh Collects Honor From Anti-Defamation League", "Ryan Kavanaugh Resigns as Art of Elysium's Chairman of Board, Replaced by Billionaire Timothy Headington", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ryan_Kavanaugh&oldid=1151705302, University of California, Los Angeles alumni, American independent film production company founders, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia extended-confirmed-protected pages, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Pages using infobox person with multiple spouses, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 25 April 2023, at 18:34. Oh, well, its not like he received a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court or anything. "Kos" and "Daily Kos" are registered trademarks of Kos Media, LLC. To back his claim, Smith also attached a photograph of Maxey exposing himself in his fraternitys 1988 yearbook picture. ", "Ryan Kavanaugh Uses Math to Make Movies", "Major Relativity Lender Faces Struggle to Collect $137 Million Loan", "How Donald Trump's Finance Chief Got Messed Up With 'Masterminds', "Elliott Finally Reins In Ryan Kavanaugh: Moves Relativity Prez Michael Joe In-House", "Ryan Goes off the Rails! [15] An arbitrator found that Kavanaugh was "clearly negligent", and Sitrick won a $7.7 million arbitration judgment against Kavanaugh. We have tried to be clear about our process. The strikes come as Moscow, and the world, wait for Kyiv to launch a spring counteroffensive against Russian forces. Ryan Kavanaugh is an American film producer and film financier. Yet years of evidence throughout Kavanaughs career show its a fact. [72] A day after receiving the letter, actor Vivek Shah, who had been photographed with Kavanaugh at an event in 2011, was arrested on extortion charges and eventually convicted to seven years in prison. [52] Kavanaugh was confident that the Jobs Act would allow his platform to operate legally, but securities experts said that the project's inherent risks might increase scrutiny from the SEC. Sept. 24, 2018. [54][55] He argued that Kavanaugh persuaded him to go into business under false pretenses. Or a 4,000-word Democratic strategy memo? President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court on July 9, 2018. [6][7] Kavanaugh began purchasing stock shares when he was six years old. Most were about his alleged lying under oath. [71], In 2012, Kavanaugh was targeted by an extensive extortion plot that was mainly aimed at business executives, including Harvey Weinstein. In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse had the following exchange with FBI director Christopher Wray (emphasis ours): Whitehouse: As you know, we are now entering the fourth year of a frustrating saga that began with an August 2019 letter from me and Senator Chris Coons, regarding the Kavanaugh supplemental background investigation. That had much to do with his record as a mendacious political operative. [36][39] UltraV Holdings quickly rehired Kavanaugh as a consultant for Relativity Media, paying him $10,000 per month. So many unethical people are giving unprovable 36 year old accusations the same weight as 6 FBI background checks, hundreds of hours of hearings and testimony under oath. [58], As of 2012, Kavanaugh has been involved to some capacity in either production or financing for over 200 films,[59] including The Fighter, Limitless, Hancock, Mamma Mia!, The Social Network, Salt, and Cowboys & Aliens. According to the book The Education of Brett Kavanaugh, by New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, Stier, who runs the Partnership for Public Service, a prominent nonprofit (and nonpartisan) organization in Washington, D.C., informed senators and the FBI that he saw Mr. Kavanaugh with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student, but that the FBI did not follow up with him. The past week seems to have packed in a months worth of news. I have already reached out to a contact who should be able to put me in touch with Brett Kavanaughs family. Relativity Media denied that the money was diverted, saying that RKA Film Financing understood that the money would go into a general corporate account. [81][82] The investigation was heavily criticized by Kavanaugh and a spokesperson called it a "politically motivated vendetta". Exactly how many lager-lapping future Republican luminaries were exposing themselves to classmates back in the 80s? GettySupreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaughs family, (R-L) wife Ashley Kavanaugh and daughters Lisa and Margaret, attend the third day of his confirmation hearing. [5] His mother is a real estate broker and his father is a dentist turned businessman, born in Germany. First, is it true that after Kavanaugh-related tips were separated from regular tip-line traffic, they were forwarded to White House counsel without investigation? In the weeks after Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault, George W. Bush personally called wavering senators to lobby on the nominee's behalf. The Guardian even asked Maxey if hed visited Yale around the time of the alleged incident. Calmes began her career in Texas covering state politics and moved to Washington in 1984 to work for Congressional Quarterly. [6] Kavanaugh was denied a producing credit for the Academy Award nomination of the film The Fighter since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences only allows the submission of up to three producers for Academy Award consideration;[60] Kavanaugh unsuccessfully appealed the Academy's decision. Pence is considered a significant witness in the criminal investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith, since Trump put pressure on him to unlawfully reject electoral college votes for Joe Biden at the joint session of Congress, and was at the White House meeting with Republican lawmakers who discussed objections to Bidens win. Sure, many of usdrank in collegesometimes too muchbut our Ron Johnsons nevertheless remained firmly ensconced in our Underoos. [67][68], Kavanaugh frequently used a personal helicopter for daily commuting. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. [25] Their primary investment in Relativity Media funded a Universal Pictures deal, but Kavanaugh's studio chose to date several of its own films in competition with Universal's. . Brett Michael Kavanaugh ( / kvn / KAV--naw; born February 12, 1965) is an American lawyer and jurist serving as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Its a crying shame that a city as wealthy as San Francisco cant get its act together to deal with overdose deaths, one expert said. All rights reserved. Justices' earlier assurances now in doubt. The group also wants to guarantee that any dipshit can get an AR-15. [36][38] The United States Trustee's office argued that the bankruptcy seemed to benefit Kavanaugh and the new buyer UltraV Holdings at the expense of Relativity Media's creditors. Ad Choices. If youre not already signed up, subscribe now. RELATED STORY:Rehashing the FBIs sham Kavanaugh 'investigation' is a net plus for Democrats. Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have privately requested to view a Brett Kavanaugh-related document in possession of the panel's top Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, but the senior. Those living on the streets were hit particularly hard, with twice as many unhoused people dying of overdoses between January and March compared with a year earlier. [8][62] In 2015, he married model Jessica Roffey. Only three in 10 Britons think the monarchy is very important, the lowest proportion on record, a poll shows as the kings coronation approaches. Apart from his heavy involvement in the financial and entertainment industries, Ryan Kavanaugh has always participated in numerous philanthropic activities. [7][12], Kavanaugh advertised heavily in trade press, where he was praised for Relativity Media's high-value deals. Commentary on politics and more from award-winning opinion columnist. Today thereseven more evidence that the due diligence the government did to ensure a serial abuser wouldntmagically fallass-backward into a lifetime SCOTUS seat was decidedly more doo than diligent. [18] Spinks's relationship with Warner Bros. gave Kavanaugh the opportunity to broker a deal between a hedge fund and Warner Bros.' film studio. [50][51] In May 2019, Kavanaugh announced a cryptocurrency to be used for fractional investing in the platform's slates. [28] Industry speculation surfaced that Burkle would oust Kavanaugh from Relativity Media in favor of his friend Harvey Weinstein, but Burkle and Weinstein both disclaimed the scenario. A full body orgasm at the L.A. Phil? They worked in the White House at the same time, from 2001 to 2005 while she was Bushs personal secretary. And Id like to try to get that matter wrapped up. The ever-cautious Collins would never say lie. Yet the New York Times obtained proof of just that, clearly from the senators office, publishing contemporaneous notes kept by those who sat in on Collins private meeting with then-nominee Kavanaugh in 2018. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. In 2004, she received the Gerald R. Ford Journalism Prize for Reporting on the Presidency. By Bess Levin August 5, 2022 There were "serious omissions" in the 2018 Senate investigation of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh, which reportedly found no evidence supporting claims of sexual assault against him, The . The Wall Street Journal reportedthat she received emails that read May you, your husband and your kids burn in hell and telling her to put a bullet in her husband. Brett Kavanaugh received President Donald Trumps Supreme Court nomination, but now that nomination has become hugely controversial. The former vice-presidents testimony lasted for about seven hours and took place behind closed doors, meaning the details of what he told the prosecutors hearing evidence in the case remain uncertain. In total, their property is worth more than $900,000. Asia is experiencing weeks of endless record heat, with sweltering temperatures causing school closures and surges in energy use. He denied the credible accusations of an assault in high school from Christine Blasey Ford and two reported attacks at Yale, one alleged by classmate Debbie Ramirez and another that Senate Republicans bottled up, for which there was a reputable eyewitness. On Wednesday, Bago, north-east of Yangon, reached 42.2C, matching an all-time record previously recorded in May 2020 and April 2019, according to Maximiliano Herrera, a climatologist and weather historian. Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Justice goes one step further, airing an audio recording of Stiers account, which the filmmakers say was entrusted to them by an anonymous source. RELATED STORY:The FBI ignored classmates who had direct testimony about sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh. After Kavanaughs confirmation to the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. sent scores of ethics complaints about him from lawyers, law professors and others to an appeals court council for review. The host synonymous with hand-to-mouth television was also a progressive political mind and groundbreaking changemaker. Kavanaugh reminisced about his time working as a lawyer at the White House during the George W. Bush administration and he said he learned from the former president not to worry about "today's. [63] He has two children. Kavanaugh also was widely suspected of leaking anti-Clinton information from a grand jury, though he denied it. The two interactions are of particular investigative interest to Smith as his office examines whether Trump sought to unlawfully obstruct the certification and defrauded the United States in seeking to overturn the 2020 election results. Ashley Estes Kavanaugh worked for George W. Bush for a long time, even before she and Brett were married. (Thats a grossoversimplification, of course. Firefighters work at the site of a heavily damaged residential building hit by a Russian missile in Uman, amid Russias attack on Ukraine. [43][44] Fields's lawsuit alleged that Kavanaugh misrepresented Relativity Media's financial prospects, wrongfully fired Fields four months into his four-year contract, and used Relativity Media office space to produce pornography without the co-president's knowledge or authorization. His mother is also an attorney and a judge. Last week, you remember there were 65 women who stepped up to sign a letter of support for Judge Kavanaugh. Ryan Owens, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said putting the court . Kavanaugh, who unlike most of his colleagues still has school-age children (plus a noisy dog), found working from home untenable, according to one friend, and continued to commute into Washington . The Blaseys kept their home, and transferred ownership of the home into a family trust in 2014. According to the notes, Collins pressed him hard about Roe. During Kavanaughs testimony about Christine Fords allegations, Kavanaugh got choked up when he talked about his dad. by The Guardian has cast major doubt on a 2018 report by the Senate Judiciary Committee that all but exonerated Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the lead-up to . Not to be confused with the Canadian ice hockey player, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, "A fundraising feast for Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh at ADL's annual entertainment dinner", "Crime, Homelessness, High Taxes: Why Hollywood Big Shots Like Ryan Kavanaugh Are Fleeing L.A.", "Elite private schools are receiving federal loans including one attended by Secretary Mnuchin's children", "Ryan Kavanaugh, would-be king of tinseltown", "The mini-mogul behind Relativity Media said he'd change Hollywood, now studio files bankruptcy", "Movie Mogul's Rogue Brand, Hard Rock Hotel Team Up", "Ryan Kavanaugh Lawyer Threatens New Yorker Over 'Egregious' Ron Burkle Profile (Exclusive)", "The Epic Fail of Hollywood's Hottest Algorithm", "Movie Finance Whiz Fights to Keep His Role", "PR guru fails in effort to collect $7.7 million", "Sitrick Cannot Collect $7.7M From Kavanaugh, Court Rules (Updated)", "Relativity Media struggles to come back from bankruptcy", "Kevin Spacey Pulls Out of Becoming the Boss of This Studio", "Relativity in Ruins: Is it Too Late for Ryan Kavanaugh to Save His Studio? My parents, bless, wouldnt have batted an eye if I said I was going to see the queen of daytime. Triller's attorney disputed the revenue data in the filing, but the merger was later dissolved. The New Yorker stood by its reporting. Nor did I. She has decades of experience covering the White House and Congress. Why is Frank McCourt really pushing it? [56] He is a member of the Wilshire Boulevard Temple. The Bushes even attended the Kavanaughs wedding in 2004. What did Pence say during his testimony? [64] According to Forbes, while having been previously featured on their billionaires list in 2013,[56][65] Kavanaugh's net worth fell below $1 billion once Relativity Media filed for bankruptcy in 2015. On Tuesday, four weather stations in Myanmar hit or matched record monthly temperatures, with Theinzayet, in eastern Mon state, reaching the highest, at 43C (109.4F). Judge, I was born at night, an exasperated Leahy snapped, but not last night.. They included messages like My condolences to you for being married to a rapist. His father changed his surname to Kavanaugh before his son's birth. After Relativity Media filed for bankruptcy, he stepped down as CEO and faced several lawsuits regarding his management. Congratulations if you have any idea what Lindsey Graham is talking about, Tucker Carlson probably isnt embarrassed about this segment, but that doesnt change the fact that he definitely should be, When a Fox News hack tries to pick a fight with a person whos actually funny for a living, Employers added 528,000 jobs in July, shattering expectations (The Washington Post), Democrats score a major victory with Sinemas agreement on economic bill (CNN), Twitter Obliterates Elon Musks Excuses for Trying to Kill $44 Billion Deal in Blistering Court Filing (Gizmodo), Theres Never Been Anybody Like Him in the United States Senate (Politico), How Republicans Are Weaponizing Public Office Against Climate Action (NYT), Diplomatic crisis over Pelosis Taiwan trip widens as White House summons Chinas ambassador (The Washington Post), Alex Jones worth up to $240m, expert says, as family seeks punitive damages (The Guardian), How a pony called Patrick was elected mayor of a Devon townthen barred from his local pub (The Guardian), See All the Outfits From the 2023 Met Gala Red Carpet, Why Tucker Carlsons Exit From Fox News Looks Like an Execution, Prince Harry and Prince William Reportedly Still Havent Talked After Spare, Dune: Part Two: An Exclusive First Look at the Sagas Epic Conclusion, The 25 Best Shows on Netflix to Watch Right Now, From the Archive: Seduced and Abandoned (2014), 2023 Cond Nast.

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