Medicare Advantage Plan


What is Preventive Care? Preventive care is exactly what the name suggests. It is care provided to you that prevents disease, illnesses, and injuries. It is accomplished through various health and wellness treatments and interventions; all to keep you healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Medicare Part B (medical) provides coverage for many preventive services, such as vaccines, screenings, and counseling. If you meet the requirements for eligibility and guidelines for preventive services, you must be allowed to receive the service.

#7 Benefits You May Not Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

#7 Benefits You May Not Know About Medicare Advantage Plans Medicare Advantage plans offer a broad range of benefits and have gained popularity among older adults due to the extra benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs compared to traditional Medicare plans. While many people are aware of the standard benefits of Medicare Advantage plans, such as prescription drug coverage and preventative care services, there are several lesser-known benefits that can greatly improve the health and wellness of plan participants.  1.  Chronic Care Management Medicare Advantage plans often

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