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A nurse attentively caring for an individual in a wheelchair, illustrating Medicare's dual special needs.

Dual Special Needs in Medicare: Understanding its Benefits

Dual Special Needs in Medicare: Understanding Its Benefits Explore the world of dual special needs in Medicare and find out how it can provide tailored care for individuals with specific health conditions. Discover the advantages of Medicare Advantage plans and their ability to offer comprehensive coverage. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of dual special needs and how it can positively impact your healthcare journey. Introduction What Is “Dual Special Needs” in Medicare? Dual special needs, also known as D-SNPs, is a

A touching moment captured as a man and woman embrace closely, with the woman placing her hand over the man's heart. This image highlights the emotional bonds and support found within the Medicare Advantage community.

National Cholesterol Education Month

National Cholesterol Education Month We are all aware that the foods we eat and drink can have a strong impact on whether or not your cholesterol levels are healthy or not. Each year in September we celebrate National Cholesterol Education Month, which makes it the best time for healthcare professionals, doctors, and nurses. These professionals spend time educating those interested on preventative methods, encouraging them to keep an eye on their cholesterol levels. September’s Focus September is National Cholesterol Education Month, making it

A man and woman walk on the beach, sharing a joyful moment.

Embracing Life: Navigating the Shadows of Suicidal Thoughts

Embracing Life: Navigating the Shadows of Suicidal Thoughts "When the going gets tough, lean on those who've got your back." - Unattributed Anchoring Hope in Troubling Times Dwelling on ending one's life, much like other mental wellness issues, can impact anyone, no matter their background, gender, age, or race. Dubbed suicidal ideations, they're distressing, yet quite common. Yet, it's crucial to remember that they should never be brushed off as just another feeling. They can be indicative of deeper struggles. #1. Laughter is a

A man confidently deposits money into his emergency fund, symbolizing financial security in low-income communities with Medicare Advantage.

Empowering Seniors: Enhancing Health and Wellbeing Through Medicare Advantage Plans in Low-Income Communities

Empowering Seniors: Enhancing Health and Wellbeing Through Medicare Advantage Plans in Low-Income Communities Believe it or not, poverty has been reported as a health issue amongst seniors, with 45 percent of adults ages 65 and older being considered impoverished, falling below the poverty level. This is according to a 2015 Kaiser report. The main contributing factors to this number include the availability of financial resources, financial liabilities such as cost of living, the demand for benefits like food stamps and Medicaid,

A notepad with "Medicare Advantage" written on it, along with a stethoscope, highlighting the beginning of the Medicare Advantage journey.

Getting Started With Medicare Advantage

Getting Started With Medicare Advantage Choosing the best Medicare advantage plan can become a long and excruciating process without having the right team of experts to support you in your decision-making. It may take you less than an hour to pick a Medicare Advantage plan, but the decision you make determines your access to healthcare services and the cost associated with those services. Many Medicare beneficiaries don’t understand this concept because only a few take the time to compare their options.

A man is taking his blood pressure, an important aspect of managing serious illness.

Managing and Coping with a Serious Illness: Tips for a Supportive Journey

Managing and Coping with a Serious Illness: Tips for a Supportive Journey A diagnosis of heart disease, cancer, or other serious illnesses can be traumatic. But there are effective measures you can take to preserve your quality of life and cope with the emotional distress. A severe injury or illness can create chaos in every aspect of your life, whether a life-threatening disease or chronic health problems, such as a stroke, cancer, debilitating injury, or heart attack.A serious health condition can

A woman wearing headphones surrounded by soundproof foam

Age-Related Hearing Loss: What You Should Know

Age-Related Hearing Loss: What You Should Know Gradually diminishing hearing or age-related hearing loss is a common problem for individuals over 65. It is a condition referred to as presbycusis and one out of every three older adults experience some level of hearing loss. Because it is so gradual, the person may not even be aware of the issue until someone else points it out or realizes the frequency of asking “What?” increases.Hearing loss is not a reversible condition. If you suddenly

A hand strategically halts a chain reaction of falling dominoes, preventing them from collapsing further. Just as Medicare Advantage helps prevent healthcare setbacks, seniors can stop the cascade of fall risks.

Fall Prevention for Seniors: Assess Your Risk and Stay Safe!

Fall Prevention for Seniors: Asses Your Risk and Stay Safe! September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month, which offers a chance for you to do your fall risk assessment and to become proactive in keeping yourself safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 3 million seniors are tended to in emergency rooms every year for injuries related to falling, and approximately 20% of falls end with serious injuries, such as head injuries or broken bones.It is a frightening affair to

A man with a puzzled expression, raising his hand in confusion.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Advantage Plans

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Advantage 📚 Related: Medicare Advantage Coverage: Comprehensive Immunization Benefits 1. Will I lose my doctors if I get a Medicare Advantage Plan? Doctors fall in and out of plan networks on a rolling basis. This means that your doctor can be in-network with your plan today, and then leave the network tomorrow. Alternatively, your doctor may not be in the network today but become an in-network provider instantly; Notwithstanding, a doctor can choose to accept Medicare