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Vitamin A: Health Benefits Backed by Science

Vitamin A: Health Benefits Backed by Science Part 1 of the Senior Healthcare Advisors Health Information Series on Vitamins By Dr. Marilyn Fieldf/Senior Writer: Senior Healthcare Advisors ”I am a big believer in self-love. And a good way to do it is through vitamins. If you drink enough water and take your vitamins, your body will clean itself” –Dr. Marilyn Field Before we get started on the Senior Healthcare Vitamin Information Series, please read the following: VITAMINS A, D, E, AND K ARE FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS

Seniors and Loneliness

Seniors and Loneliness By Dr. Marilyn B. Field/Senior Healthcare Advisors “We long to belong, and belonging and caring anchors our sense of place in the universe.”  –Patricia Churchland, a contemporary neuroscientific philosopher. Deteriorating health, life changes, shrinking social circles, and transportation challenges can lead to isolation for seniors. Isolation then turns into loneliness which can have devastating effects on the individual’s overall quality of health and wellness. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent loneliness for

Posture Matters

Posture Matters By. Dr. Marilyn Field/Senior Healthcare Advisors As we grow older, our spines start to change. The discs that cushion the bones start to thin out and eventually break down as we age. Also, the cartilage and connective tissues become thinner and start to lose elasticity. However, as scary as this sounds, there are ways to minimize our “height loss” and keep the bones in our spine healthy. Maintaining  a proper posture as we age is vital to keeping our spine

Medicare Dental Coverage

Medicare Dental Coverage Can I Get Dental Coverage through Medicare? Yes and No? The answer depends on the Medicare coverage you currently have with basic dental care. If you only have Medicare Part A, hospital, and Part B, medical, then no. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part C That only cover routine dental services, yes. Why does Medicare not cover dental? Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not cover dental services. Suppose you need dental procedures and supplies

Understanding Medicare Advantage

Understanding Medicare Advantage Healthcare Information by Senior Healthcare Advisors Medicare Advantage is also known as Medicare Part C. It is technically still a part of Medicare, but it is not sold or managed by the federal government. The government sets rules and guidelines, but private insurance companies sell and administer the plans. Some good news from Senior Healthcare Advisors: there are many different Medicare options for seniors today to choose from! Deciding which one is right for you: Original Medicare versus Medicare Advantage

The Miracle that is Water

The Miracle that is Water Miracle Of Water Health News from Senior Healthcare Advisors The miracle of water. Water is essential to all life — every system in the human body depends on it. Water helps rid toxins from bodily organs, carries nutrients to our cells, and keeps our nose, ears, and throat moist. Without drinking enough water, we become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to dizziness, fatigue, and confusion. We lose water on a daily basis by sweating, breathing, and urinating. So we are

Health and Wellness Newsletter: April 2022

Health and Wellness Newsletter: April 2022 SENIOR HEALTHCARE ADVISORS In this edition: Seniors and DatingSeniors, Service Dogs, and Emotional Support PetsPracticing Wellness at Home https://www.seniorhealthcareadv.com/ SENIORS AND DATING Dating can be awkward at any age, but when you’re over 65 there are a variety of new challenges facing you. Intimidating as it may seem, it is still fun to date, and love is still in the air! With each year, it seems the losses pile up, and your circle of friends seems to dwindle. Remember when

Seniors and Self-Esteem

Seniors and Self-Esteem Part 1 Positive Aging Health News from Senior Healthcare Advisors Low self-esteem can affect your mental health and overall health and wellness. People are troubled by low self-esteem at all ages. When you lack confidence in yourself, you may avoid trying new things and meeting new people and fall into negative thinking. This can be especially challenging in your later years as this is a time where you should be enjoying your life to the max. Low self-esteem is all too

Prebiotics and Probiotics: Why You Need Both

Prebiotics and Probiotics: Why You Need Both Health News from Senior Healthcare Advisors Prebiotics and Probiotics Prebiotics and probiotics work together to support your body’s building and maintaining healthy bacteria and other microorganisms, which aid in digestive health. Taking both prebiotics and probiotics is called microbiome therapy. Prebiotics and probiotics work with each other to create an environment where beneficial microorganisms and bacteria can flourish. Prebiotics essentially nourish probiotics, making probiotics more effective even in your mental health as well. Prebiotics Prebiotics