Call Flow

Verify Medicare A and B effective dates – This is done within the first 5 minutes to determine if you qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan. Unlike a supplement, you must have both Medicare Parts A and B to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. This saves us time in our process to help you find the best plan in your area while ensuring that we are efficient with your time.

Verify Zipcode

Although we would love to serve everyone, not every region in the United States has the same kinds or caliber of benefits in comparison to others. Depending on where you live, there may be plenty, few, or even no Medicare Advantage plans available to you. Verifying your zipcode lets us check right away so we are always efficient with your time.

Needs Analysis

Our needs analysis helps us to learn about the benefits you have, don’t have, and need. Benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, gym membership, home-delivered meals, monthly healthy foods allowance, home health care, over-the-counter spending allowance, transportation services, Medicare Part B giveback, and more. We take complete notes to ensure we find the best plan that is suited to your specific needs. We compare the availability of benefits in your area to find the best plan for you.

Verify Doctors

This is not only courteous, it is required. Senior Healthcare Advisors does not spare any resources on ensuring that each of our enrollments is compliant. This means that we make it a priority to ask for a list of your doctors on every call. We verify whether your doctors are covered under a plan before you agree to enroll.

Verify Prescriptions Drugs

This portion of the enrollment process may consume more time based on the volume of prescriptions you fill. We will read you the prescription cost share that comes with your Medicare Advantage plan and give you the option to verify the medications you take against the formulary of the plan. The formulary of the plan is a database containing all the drugs that are covered by a plan. When you provide your prescriptions to our agent, the agent can tell you the cost share (copays) if any, and the tiers your medications fall on.

Verify Information

Our agent must verify the correct information for your Medicare Advantage enrollment. If any information is incorrect or false, the enrollment will not be approved by medicare. You must make your best effort to provide accurate information during this portion otherwise you may lose the plan.

Read Disclosures

Each enrollment will have important disclosures that are important for you to know. Many of it you already know if you currently have an Advantage plan.

Answer All Questions

At the end of the important disclosures, you may ask any questions about any portion of the entire process. You will also state whether you agree to the benefits discussed and to complete the enrollment.

Submit Enrollment for Approval by Medicare

Your enrollment is submitted to Medicare using your voice signature. Your enrollment is now pending approval by Medicare.