Call Procedure:
  • Confirmation of Medicare Parts A and B Effective Dates:
    • Within the initial 3 minutes, we confirm your effective dates for Medicare Parts A and B to establish your eligibility for a Medicare Advantage plan. Unlike supplements, enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan necessitates active status in both Parts A and B. This step streamlines our procedure, facilitating a more efficient search for the optimal plan in your vicinity, all while respecting your time.
  • Zip Code Verification:
    • Regrettably, the scope and quality of benefits vary across different U.S. regions. Your residential area might offer a diverse range of Medicare Advantage plans, or perhaps very few or none at all. By confirming your zip code early in the call, we maintain time efficiency.
  • Conducting a Needs Analysis:
    • This analysis is crucial for understanding the current benefits you possess, lack, and require, including dental, vision, hearing, gym memberships, home-delivered meals, monthly allowances for healthy foods, home health care, over-the-counter spending allowances, transportation services, Medicare Part B givebacks, and more. We meticulously document this to match you with the plan that best addresses your unique requirements, comparing benefit availability in your region.
  • Validation of Doctors & Hospitals:
    • This step is essential and mandatory. Senior Healthcare Advisors is committed to compliance, ensuring each enrollment is legitimate. Therefore, we request a list of your healthcare providers in every interaction, verifying their inclusion in a plan’s network before proceeding with enrollment.
  • Prescription Drug Verification:
    • Depending on the number of prescriptions you have, this stage might take longer. We will outline the prescription cost-sharing aspects of your Medicare Advantage plan and offer to cross-reference your medications with the plan’s formulary, a comprehensive list of covered drugs. By sharing your prescriptions with our agent, you’ll learn about any applicable cost shares (copays) and the categories your medications belong to.
  • Information Verification:
    • Accuracy is critical for your Medicare Advantage enrollment. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies can lead to non-approval by Medicare. Please ensure the information you provide is as accurate as possible to avoid forfeiture of the plan.
  • Disclosure Review:
    • Each enrollment involves crucial disclosures that you need to be aware of. If you’re already enrolled in an Advantage plan, much of this may be familiar.
  • Addressing Queries:
    • After going through the disclosures, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the process. You will also be asked to confirm whether you agree to the discussed benefits and wish to finalize the enrollment.
  • Enrollment Submission for Medicare Approval:
    • We finalize your enrollment with your voice signature, after which it’s forwarded to Medicare for approval. Your enrollment status is now pending Medicare’s review. 
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