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Getting Started With Medicare Advantage

Getting Started With Medicare Advantage Choosing the best Medicare advantage plan can become a long and excruciating process without having the right team of experts to support you in your decision-making. It may take you less than an hour to pick a Medicare Advantage plan, but the decision you make determines your access to healthcare services and the cost associated with those services. Many Medicare beneficiaries don’t understand this concept because only a few take the time to compare their options.

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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Advantage Plans

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Advantage 📚 Related: Medicare Advantage Coverage: Comprehensive Immunization Benefits 1. Will I lose my doctors if I get a Medicare Advantage Plan? Doctors fall in and out of plan networks on a rolling basis. This means that your doctor can be in-network with your plan today, and then leave the network tomorrow. Alternatively, your doctor may not be in the network today but become an in-network provider instantly; Notwithstanding, a doctor can choose to accept Medicare

Deciphering Medicare Open Enrollment: Understanding the AEP vs. MA-OEP

Most individuals have a feeling they should be doing something during the Medicare Open Enrollment (MA-OEP), but they are not quite sure what. The constant bombardment of television, internet, and radio ads can cause anxiety and confusion because they make people wonder if they should be changing something. We get many phone calls with people saying, "AEP just ended. What is the difference between AEP and MA-OEP?" The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the time of year when you, as