A smiling senior man and woman connecting and sharing a moment of happiness.

The Key to Happiness and Engagement for Seniors: Exploring the Benefits of Learning Something New

The Key to Happiness and Engagement for Seniors: Exploring Benefits of Learning Something New For most individuals, learning new things is probably something we thought about in the past when we were in a classroom. However, as we age, learning new things still makes our world bigger, and it is beneficial for any age group.If you believe it’s hard as a senior to learn or you believe the old cliché, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” you’re terribly underestimating

Enhancing Your Well-Being: Navigating Medicare Advantage for Your Annual Health Assessment

Enhancing Your Well-being: Navigating Medicare Advantage for Your Annual Health Assessment Getting an annual checkup is important for people of all ages. It can help assess potential problems before they start, and early detection of illnesses or conditions is a way to practice preventive health care. Preventative measures such as establishing a baseline with your doctor can often lead to better treatment options.Normally, Original Medicare does not cover an annual checkup. Depending on your Medicare Plan, any tests and the exams

The Prescription Predicament: Embarking on an Epic Quest to Navigate Medicare Drug Coverage!

As a senior, understanding and navigating Medicare drug coverage is crucial to ensuring you have access to the medications you need while managing your healthcare expenses. With numerous plans and options available, it can be overwhelming to make the right choices. That's why this guide is here to provide you with valuable insights and tips to help you confidently navigate Medicare drug coverage. One important step is to review your medications. Creating a list of all the prescription drugs you currently

The Dangers of Falling: Understanding Risks and Preventive Measures

Every year, millions of people over the age of 65 fall, and many often don't tell their doctors which is unfortunate because studies say if you fall one time, your chances of falling again are doubled. Falls are costly and severe, with one out of five causing severe injuries such as broken hips, head injuries, and bone fractures. According to an article in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (2015), over 95% of broken hips are related to falling.