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Walk, Gym, or Home Work Out – Three Important Medicare Benefits to Keep You Active

Is it safe for older adults to exercise? Medicare Benefits Most seniors over the age of 65 can safely exercise, even if they have mobility challenges and chronic conditions. Before starting any exercise program, you must talk with your doctor to determine which exercise options suit your activity level and health. Then, you can experience the immense and proven health benefits of exercise firsthand. Fitbit Watch to Track Heart Rate and Calories Heart rate monitoring and tracking metrics, including distance, calories burned, and

10 Ways to Spend Your Monthly Medicare Giveback Savings

With Medicare Part B premiums rising in 2022, you may want to look for ways to save money and lower your premiums on your Medicare costs. New Medicare Advantage giveback plans do just that…give back! They give back a portion of your Part B premium. A Medicare Part B giveback plan is a Medicare Advantage plan with a reduction in your premium benefit. These plans are sometimes called giveback plans, premium reduction plans, or Medicare buyback plans. However, only specific Medicare Advantage

Headache and Migraine Triggers in Older Adults (Some Remedies)

Headache and Migraine Triggers in Older Adults (Some Remedies) Headache and sometimes migraines are common among seniors. Fortunately, migraines seem to be less severe as someone gets older. Even though seniors frequently report headaches, migraine prevalence is less likely for those over the age of 65, except for those diagnosed with a headache or migraine disorder younger in their lives. While migraines seem to lessen later in life, there are still many types of diagnosable headache disorders. Some older adults may

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as Myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a complicated, serious, and long-term condition that involves many different body systems. It is a complex disorder characterized by extreme fatigue lasting at least six months, which cannot be explained entirely by an underlying medical condition. Individuals suffering from CFS are often unable to do their daily activities, and sometimes, they are confined to their beds. The fatigue gets worse with mental or physical activity

What’s In Your First Aid Kit? How To Build A First Aid Kit Using your Medicare OTC Debit Card

Accidents, health crises, and natural disasters happen. That is why Senior Healthcare Advisors wants you to be fully prepared for any emergency! We have created a list of helpful tips on what to put in your first aid kit! First aid means taking immediate action against a medical problem. It can be as easy as putting on a band-aid or as serious as calling 911. Having a first aid kit handy allows you to act quickly. You can reduce someone

5 Items to Have on Deck During COVID-19 (That You Can Buy Using Your Medicare OTC Card)

Covid-19 The OTC card is a prepaid debit card with some Medicare Advantage plans. The card is preloaded monthly or quarterly with money that can be used to purchase plan-approved OTC items at in-network locations. Generally, the program will provide a prepaid debit card that can be used at in-network retailers; however, some plans offer a catalog instead. This catalog allows for browsing and then placing orders online or over the phone to be shipped. VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS

Benefits of Yoga For Older Adults

Optimizing your health and wellness through yoga, you will feel more energized and have fewer aches and pains, allowing you to be more independent, safer, and stronger when we exercise. Yoga has been noted as the best form of exercise for seniors. It improves balance, flexibility and enhances our mood! Chair Yoga Yoga can be easily modified to suit your individual needs. Yoga is safe for any senior, whether on a mat or in a chair. Chair yoga is a great

Are You Choosing Coinsurance or Copay?

Copays or coinsurance are not the enemy. Here's the bottom line - if you are receiving Medicare benefits, you either pay a coinsurance or a copay. It is totally up to you which one you choose, but before you do, here is something you should probably know. What is coinsurance? A coinsurance is a portion of your medical bill that you are responsible for - the one that you get a bill for in the mail. Coinsurance is calculated as a percentage

What is OTC Card?

Over-the-counter items or OTC card for short are medicines or products that are used to aid in the treatment or management of certain health conditions or for general health and wellness. These items are called over-the-counter items because they usually do not require a prescription to acquire - you can typically order them by picking them up in-store or requesting them "over-the-counter" from your local pharmacy. Some popular OTC items include vitamins, cold and flu medicines, pain medicines, sleep aids, allergy

Two Thirds of Americans Don’t Plan for Healthcare in Retirement

According to Social Security Administration, every day, approximately 10,000 baby boomers in the United States hit their retirement age. Unfortunately, many are unprepared for retirement, lacking sufficient retirement savings or a retirement budget. While many soon-to-be retirees will face financial issues, there's one issue that stands out for the majority of baby boomers

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